Step into the understated elegance of Antique Nickel finishes at, presented by Schaub & Company. This finish offers a subtle charm with its muted, dark silver sheen, which provides a vintage appeal that complements both modern and traditional decors. Antique Nickel is particularly valued for its ability to blend seamlessly into various interior styles, offering a sophisticated and timeless look. Schaub & Company’s Antique Nickel collection features a wide range of hardware, including knobs, pulls, and hinges, each crafted to high standards of durability and style. This finish is perfect for those looking to achieve a classic look with a touch of aged character without overwhelming the space. Shopping at, you'll find detailed product descriptions and specifications to help you choose the perfect hardware for your needs. Whether you are updating a few pieces or undertaking a significant renovation, Schaub & Company’s Antique Nickel hardware offers a blend of beauty, functionality, and lasting quality. Discover how Antique Nickel hardware can transform your home by adding a touch of refined antiquity, making every detail in your decor stand out with elegance and sophistication. Browse the extensive selection at today.

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