Discover the distinctive allure of matte black hardware on, where you'll find an extensive range from Schaub & Company, blending elegant design with robust functionality. This finish offers an understated sophistication that enhances any space with its deep, rich hue and velvety texture. Ideal for both modern and traditional settings, our matte black hardware stands out for its ability to add a bold statement or subtle harmony to your cabinetry. Schaub & Company's offerings in matte black range from sleek, contemporary handles to classic knobs and durable hinges, all designed to provide the perfect finishing touch to your interior design. The variety in styles ensures that whether you are outfitting a minimalist kitchen or a grandiose entryway, there is something to match every design philosophy. Materials such as brass and zinc are prominently featured, promising longevity and enduring beauty. Each piece within the matte black collection is carefully crafted to resist wear and maintain its appearance over time. The matte black finish is particularly versatile, easily pairing with various color schemes and materials, making it a favorite for designers looking to create a statement with their hardware choices. Schaub & Company's matte black products are part of larger collections like Menlo Park, Empire Designs, and Northport, which allow for harmonious design throughout your home. Embrace the elegance and practicality of Schaub & Company's matte black hardware to transform your space into a strikingly beautiful environment.

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