Step into the elegant and timeless world of Unlacquered Brass at, where Schaub & Company offers a superb collection of hardware that showcases the natural beauty of brass. Unlacquered Brass is a living finish, which means it is designed to age and develop a unique patina over time, reflecting the natural oxidation process. This feature makes each piece distinct and personalized, perfect for those who appreciate the evolving charm of natural materials. Schaub & Company’s Unlacquered Brass collection includes a variety of designs from modern to traditional, suitable for any styling preference. The hardware is made from high-quality brass, ensuring durability and a luxurious appearance. Whether you are looking for a subtle accent or a standout feature, Unlacquered Brass provides a warm, golden hue that adds a sophisticated touch to any cabinetry or furniture. Shopping at, you can easily find detailed information about each product, including dimensions, material specifics, and expected shipping times. This ensures that you can make informed decisions when choosing the perfect Unlacquered Brass hardware to complement your home's decor. Explore the unique qualities of Unlacquered Brass hardware to bring a touch of timeless elegance and individual flair to your home by browsing the extensive selection available at today.

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