European Bar Pulls

Discover the modern and sleek collection of European Bar Pulls at, where Schaub & Company offers a variety of minimalist designs that are highly sought after in contemporary homes. These European bar pulls are crafted from materials like zinc, ensuring durability and a sophisticated finish that enhances any cabinetry. The European Bar Pulls come in various designs and finishes, including Polished Chrome, which adds a bright, reflective touch to your drawers and cabinets. This collection is perfect for those who appreciate a modern aesthetic with clean lines and an understated elegance. Schaub & Company's European Bar Pulls are known for their quality and style, making them a popular choice for modernized homes looking to add a touch of sophistication and functionality. Explore the extensive range of European Bar Pulls at to find the ideal hardware to enhance your home's decor. Whether you're looking for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, these pulls offer a stylish and durable choice that promises to elevate the aesthetics of any space.

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